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Friday, January 15, 2010

Nacho Libre

This movie may just be a thorn among roses. Its goal is not to impress anybody. It is what it is and it IS proud. But just because it is awkwardly unique, that doesn't mean it isn't funny to the right audience. If you can dumb down your mindset quite a bit before this picture... Maybe play with some hot wheels, drink apple juice out of a tippy cup, read "Everybody Poops". Then you will be ready to laugh your head off for at least 1 and a half hours of a brilliantly blissful, blubbering, blight comedy. I personally belonged to the crowd who was laughing hysterically, but I still say "yo mamma" when anybody asks me what I'm doing...

Nacho Libre is not a safe bet for a first date... rent Roxanne, maybe Dumb and Dumber... This is a comedy that should wait until you know one another's humor. DUM

2/3 people points. PLEASE don't get me wrong, this movie is hilarious... to me. And to most of the people I watched it with. But with movies that don't quite appeal to those of us who really are or pretend to be mature, there will be critics who claim "it just didn't make me think". To them I say: go see Memento, Prude.


Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Dark Knight

While it may come as no surprise to most of us, I must say it anyway: The Dark Knight was the biggest movie of 2008, the 2000's and possibly of the 20 & 21st century combined. There are few movies which stand in this right to be as popular and resonant with a society as Chris Nolan's cinematic masterpiece.

At 11:50 July 17th, 2008 I walked into a already crowded theater and sat inevitably down in the front row. Luckily for me, looking up to view this gigantic film only added to the audacity of the picture. Now, not to trash on 3D movies, cause they are cool sometimes... There is just something about the way a film in 2D brings the world into perspective in ways that you couldn't imagine. For example, Chris Nolan manages to do something quite unique in this experience: Gotham (Chicago) looks just about bigger than any city you may have seen in your life, while you watch The Dark Knight, you just contemplate how they made it look so darn big. Does anybody know?
IMAX cameras. Chris Nolan did a brilliant thing: all of the outside city shots of Gotham (Chicago) were filmed in IMAX, yet all of the inside shots were filmed with a smaller, but still high quality; high expense camera.

But none of that has anything to do with how you would enjoy the movie. When we talk about enjoying The Dark Knight, I mean really, just sitting down with a bowl of popcorn and jujubees... There aren't many movies that can beat it. The storytelling is superb and unique; unlike most superhero movies it does not choose to explore ever facade of every character that the camera ever focuses on. In fact our arch enemy, The Joker, Is not explored at all. Never do we know a single thing about his past, his life, his scars, his love, his insanity... We know one thing and one thing only: The Joker is here to do what he is here to do... and he is going to do it. We find ourselves rooting for the bad guy just a tad, but then again, Batman is a bit of a bad guy too. It takes us a hour of pencils getting shoved into eye sockets, knives in mouths, and hangings off of sky scrapers to figure out that everybody in Gotham is a little good and a little bad. Nobody can point fingers because the second we do, someone has pointed out the flaws we try so hard to mask ourselves. We are products of our environment.Chris Nolan demonstrates this thesis very clearly through the turn of District Attorney Harvey Dent who, like everybody else in Gotham, has the potential to be either the hero or the villain. As we know, Dent turns into Two-Face who has a split personality. The only way he can make up his mind about a certain decision is by flipping a coin. Dent turns into two face because part of his face was burnt and he lost his dearest love, Rachael Dawes (Mega bummer for would be good guys). Chris Nolan has a intention of showing us that the good can fall from the highest steeple... and he makes it very... VERY entertaining

This movie will make almost every guy happy for a month. Rent it, and watch it with him girls... it's like flowers on a bad day for you.  DAM

3/3 people points. Need i really give a reason? YES, and it is that this is simply the best superhero movie that you may get the chance to watch.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

House & Holmes

I need to tell you about a certain case of Deja Vu this Sherlock Holmes gave me. Through more than half of the film I was having this odd feeling that I have watched this character somewhere else , even after I had already established that Holmes was a well written, original and well played character, I was relentlessly having the strangest case of Deja Vu in my comfortable theater chair.... Is there not another actor who entertains us weekly who's name is reminiscent of a place in which we dwell?

Ah, Yes...

May the real Greg House please stand up?

Halfway through the movie I realized why I loved it so much: Holmes IS House! And in case you aren't up on your TV knowledge, House is a witty, sarcastic Dr. who's specialty is none other than diagnostics (let's just all agree that diagnostics is a big word for Medical Deduction). So knowing we have two smart men who specialize in puzzles let us compare deeper, Shall We?
House can't stay away from a good riddle; Holmes shares the same blissful curse.
House has quite a unique obsession with music; well, Holmes just likes to torture flies with it.
House often eats his words; Holmes is also often a little quick to speak.
House is a master of deduction; and Holmes? that ones a little too easy.
Both are perfectly willing to embarrass themselves for the sake of solving a case.
Both would seem to have little conscience.
And both have drug addictions (House:Vicodin/Holmes:Cocaine)

And alas my favorite: Hugh Laurie is a british actor who has come to America to bring "House" to life and Robert Downey Jr. has gone to England to show the English a thing or two about how to be English.

Will any of this make you like Sherlock Holmes less? Definitely not. Most likely more, If you like House you will love Sherlock Holmes: the similarities between characters are most likely nothing more than two writers having a similarly brilliant idea.

"Madame, I need you to remain calm and trust me, I'm a professional. Beneath this pillow lies the key to my release."